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Discovering My Passion Over a Burger with Bacon

My journey with PSI Seminars started in November of 2006. I remember driving to a Basic presentation thinking to myself I want to get involved in giving back, doing community service projects, and providing for the less fortunate. I had never done that type of thing and didn’t know where to begin or even what I wanted to do. I arrived at the presentation and a month later I was taking the Basic.

I sat for the first two days thinking I knew this stuff…and then Saturday, “the game”. Ok, so I realized in that moment that although I knew this stuff, I was definitely not applying it in my life. I knew that I needed to look deep into myself and discover what was hiding inside. I immersed myself into all the classes PSI Seminars offered. I enrolled in PSI7 January ’07, started PLD January ‘07, and went to WLS April ’07. Read more

School Today

Little Madison and Makenzy blast into the house. “We’re hoooooome!”

“How was school today? What did you learn?” The kids eagerly recount their exciting day of geometry, English, physics, history, and more.

Adults are immersed in school-of-life subjects such as relationships, work, dreams, finance, health, etc. However, we rarely do the “what did you learn today?” routine even though we attend our schools every day. Read more