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…With a Little Help from My Friends

Nearly ten years ago, my life changed over lunch. My friend, Atim, and I lived on opposite sides of the country, and every couple months I would fly to Los Angeles to see her, or she would fly to New York to see me. After several visits, we got the idea to meet in the middle and scheduled a trip to New Orleans.

It was over lunch at the French Quarter’s famous Arnaud’s that I noticed something was different about Atim. She had left her boring yet reliable accounting job and was pursuing a career in photography; she upgraded her wheels from an old Volvo that broke down every other week to a brand new Honda SUV; and most strikingly, she declared that was no longer looking for a boyfriend. No, she was attracting her husband.

I was excited for her! She had a vibrancy I had never witnessed and a clarity about what she wanted that I envied. After being regaled with the tales of how her life was rapidly achieving new levels of fabulous, I had to ask: what changed? Read more

Getting Lost

In the summer of 2009 I realized that LOST was filmed in Hawaii. I was living there because my post-Basic Seminar life had taken a huge turn down Your Plans Mean Nothing Avenue. Not to say that my intention wasn’t playing out, just that it rarely looked how I thought it would.

There was one moment that did look almost exactly as I imagined it.

A job performing live infomercials had brought me to Hawaii where I was living in the center of Waikiki in a corporate condo. Work was down at Ala Moana Sears, and most days I would walk the Ala Wai canal along the boundary of Waikiki.

When I’d walk down the Ala Wai canal I usually looked for jellyfish. They would come by in giant schools. They are pretty magnificent. When I didn’t see them I would think of my favorite TV show, LOST. As I mentioned, I had just discovered that LOST was filmed there. I would walk along, taking PSI Seminars’ Screen of the Mind one step further. I actually would play LOST like I used to play He-Man or Star Wars. I was “on the set” and the coolest part about it was that I could be hip to it being real. Read more