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Healing Wounds with Words

PSI Seminars graduate, Heather Parker, channels her thoughts, feelings, and experiences into poetry, creating not only a healthy mode of self expression, yet also carving out a space that invites others to do the same. Heather’s passion for expression and connection is evident in the honesty and vulnerability of her poems.
In the poem below, Heather shares a powerful account of coming face-to-face with addiction and witnessing the devastation it has caused.
The energy shifted
immediate tension
filled the room
walking zombie
disconnected energy
Don’t I know you?
I mean
you look familiar
this chaos surrounding you
envelopes you Read more

The Ever-Blooming Garden

One day, a few years back, a friend of mine told me I was “amazing”. I remember smiling at her, and thinking to myself “she’s crazy, she doesn’t mean that”. This same friend invited me to the Basic Seminar. I recognized the invitation was full of love and belief in part of me I could not yet see. I accepted the invitation, and attended the course in October 2008.

I had so much fun at the Basic Seminar. I tapped into the essence of who I am, and for the first time in a long time, I believed “I am amazing”. I got to look at and acknowledge my proudest moments, which is something I love about the PSI Seminars coursework. Instead of focusing on negative self-talk, the coursework offers an opportunity to look at what’s GREAT about me. I walk taller today than I did before going to the Basic Seminar.

Before taking the Basic Seminar, I knew that what I believed would show up in my life, I was a Christian for goodness sake, however, what I was experiencing in my life showed me that what I believed did not match with what I said I believed. Now, in my moments of awareness, I can shift. I can create the life of my dreams. My faith has blossomed from a small little flower into a full-fledged garden, not that I don’t have days where doubt talks to me or challenges don’t show up at my door step. What’s different is that I am centered in who I am. I hide less. I give-up less. I care less about what people think. I am courageous. I can acknowledge the good I see in me the same way I acknowledge it in others. Read more