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Getting Lost

In the summer of 2009 I realized that LOST was filmed in Hawaii. I was living there because my post-Basic Seminar life had taken a huge turn down Your Plans Mean Nothing Avenue. Not to say that my intention wasn’t playing out, just that it rarely looked how I thought it would.

There was one moment that did look almost exactly as I imagined it.

A job performing live infomercials had brought me to Hawaii where I was living in the center of Waikiki in a corporate condo. Work was down at Ala Moana Sears, and most days I would walk the Ala Wai canal along the boundary of Waikiki.

When I’d walk down the Ala Wai canal I usually looked for jellyfish. They would come by in giant schools. They are pretty magnificent. When I didn’t see them I would think of my favorite TV show, LOST. As I mentioned, I had just discovered that LOST was filmed there. I would walk along, taking PSI Seminars’ Screen of the Mind one step further. I actually would play LOST like I used to play He-Man or Star Wars. I was “on the set” and the coolest part about it was that I could be hip to it being real. Read more