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Discovering My Passion Over a Burger with Bacon

My journey with PSI Seminars started in November of 2006. I remember driving to a Basic presentation thinking to myself I want to get involved in giving back, doing community service projects, and providing for the less fortunate. I had never done that type of thing and didn’t know where to begin or even what I wanted to do. I arrived at the presentation and a month later I was taking the Basic.

I sat for the first two days thinking I knew this stuff…and then Saturday, “the game”. Ok, so I realized in that moment that although I knew this stuff, I was definitely not applying it in my life. I knew that I needed to look deep into myself and discover what was hiding inside. I immersed myself into all the classes PSI Seminars offered. I enrolled in PSI7 January ’07, started PLD January ‘07, and went to WLS April ’07. Read more