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…With a Little Help from My Friends

Nearly ten years ago, my life changed over lunch. My friend, Atim, and I lived on opposite sides of the country, and every couple months I would fly to Los Angeles to see her, or she would fly to New York to see me. After several visits, we got the idea to meet in the middle and scheduled a trip to New Orleans.

It was over lunch at the French Quarter’s famous Arnaud’s that I noticed something was different about Atim. She had left her boring yet reliable accounting job and was pursuing a career in photography; she upgraded her wheels from an old Volvo that broke down every other week to a brand new Honda SUV; and most strikingly, she declared that was no longer looking for a boyfriend. No, she was attracting her husband.

I was excited for her! She had a vibrancy I had never witnessed and a clarity about what she wanted that I envied. After being regaled with the tales of how her life was rapidly achieving new levels of fabulous, I had to ask: what changed? Read more

Screening My Way to Success

Of all the tools and techniques I’ve learned from PSI Seminars, Screen of the Mind has got to be my favorite. I’ve used this simple meditation to manifest everything from new living room furniture to a more fit physique to playing a sold-out show at the world-famous Whisky A Go-Go. Most recently, I used Screen of the Mind to land the career of my dreams and create a life of liberty and abundance.

Last year, my amazingly brave 9-year old brother was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that rapidly destroyed his leg. Living in California, 3,000 miles away from my family in New York, proved to be very challenging at that time. I decided to take six weeks off from work and go home to support my family. The experience was life-changing, and in ways one might not expect.

I returned to California certain of one thing: it was time for a change. I would have stayed longer in New York, except I had to get back to work; I had to pay the bills. I realized that I was a prisoner of my own making. I had structured my life with very limited liberty, and after seeing my baby brother’s life threatened, it became clear to me that there simply is no time to waste. If I was going to live a worthwhile life for however long I might be blessed with one, I had to do it NOW. Read more