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Clear Intention

It’s not just intention that counts, it’s CLEAR intention. There is a huge difference and a very important one to me. It’s the subtle casualty of intention and how that subtlety can be what ends up pulling the rug out from under your feet. “I intend to get a new job, I intend to move, I intend to get married to the man of my dreams.”  All this wonderful intention, right?!?!?!

Wrong. At least from my perspective.

What’s missing so much of the time is the clarity part of the intention. And lordy, lordy, please don’t go to the “how to” stuff here. That is not what I mean. It’s the details babe, the glorious, and delicious details of what is being intended.

I am confident that this audience has its share of smart people and we smarties can get stuck in the “how to”, because it has worked so well for us here in the lovely Earth walk thing we are doing. And I digress. So, please understand you do not have to know how to get your Point B. It really is none of your concern. Your concern is with clear intention.  The “how to” part belongs to the superconcious.

This is where I (and you) can tap into the good stuff. Our creativity lives in the subconscious realm. I feel like that’s where all the clarity comes from in the form of those details I mentioned. So, if you want something to do, how about tap into your creativity? How about letting your thoughts take a joy ride?

This means getting specific, even writing down the specific details of what you desire.  Exactly how much money do you want to attract and in exactly how much time?  Not what you “think” you can create, yet what you truly want. No time should be wasted on “what I think is possible” stuff. This is about dreaming about what is desired specifically.

Write down a list or a paragraph or more of what your Point B looks like; what kind of car are you driving, how do you look, what types of charities are you participating in, how many people are you managing or hiring, what does your bank statement look like? Add all the little details that are important to you. Nobody else has to get it.

This is how to prevent from having your rug pulled out from under you. By discovering and honing in on all of the specifics, you are setting yourself up for a win.

The other thing I do, and advise my clients, to do is visioning. This may take more practice and that’s just fine. This is the Screen Of The Mind exercise done in the Basic Seminar. The more the technique is done, the easier it is to do. All the tools are right there for you to gain access to the clarity part of the intention that is critical in manifesting your perfect end result. Available to you are your black and brightly lit white screens, your workshop, your assistants, and all of their creativity and ideas.

Use these tools. Get clear. Have the results you actually want.

Clear intention works.

Much love….




I Like Your Island…Wink Wink

It’s the whole two island analogy in the Basic. So simple, yet maybe not so easy to remember all the time. I love how my coaching work reminds me of just how important this concept is. I am so fortunate in that regard. And what’s even better, I have amazing friends who remind me of this all the friggin time. It’s just a matter of whether or not I pay attention.

I’m in a Think and Grow Rich mastermind with the charming, charismatic, and powerful Miss Lizzy Granite. Hahahaha….like attracts like?! We have been part of masterminds before and amazingly enough, they work just as described in the Thomas Willhite’s manuscripts. Whoda thunk it?

As Lizzy and I review our Think and Grow Rich chapter of the week, I have noticed a pattern of sorts. Regardless of which one of us is speaking, every time, whatever I am talking about she has underlined, and whatever she is talking about, I have literally underlined in my book. Of all the text we could underline, we always seem to gain the most value from the same few lines. Talk about a connection. Yes, the two island concept live and in the flesh. There is a lot of material covered in this book, so it’s not just that there is so little information that we’d have to end up focusing on the very specific parts that we do end up focusing on. Read more

Courage to Grow

Inspiration, Clarity, Declaration, Faith, Action, and COURAGE TO GROW by Manifesting.

I say it all the time to my clients and it’s a very good thing too, because I remind myself of all this good stuff: thoughts are things, and you create your experience. It’s this thing called manifesting. I know it’s a kinda’ “woo woo” out there phrase, and yet “manifesting” is the word that describes so much of what Thomas Wilhite taught me.

For me, the courage to declare what I want and step into faith is when I manifest.  So, I have a little story that I hope you enjoy and perhaps  can use to gain some insight.

The context here, besides the obvious PSI, in all of its glory is me being aware of what works for me: being with a good man who loves and adores me, and getting out of my house. The other part is understanding that I know that I hold the context for my clients and because of that, I push myself…a lot. After all, how can I ask them to do what I would not be willing to do myself?!

Prior to a call with one of my clients, I declared out loud that I was going to manifest a new client within a week. I did this because I knew that she was wanting to do the same for herself. I didn’t have anyone in mind and declared to have a new client anyway. Uncomfortable growth. Intention/Mechanism from the Basic Seminar. Read more

You are So Plugged In

We are all so plugged in.  It’s with me in my every day.  Constant reminders of just how connected I am.  It’s the two island analogy. It’s the small circle, bigger circle, half circle. We are connected to source, to each other.  WE ARE ONE.

I am fascinated by how for so many years in my life – and I’ve been around for a minute – I still don’t even pay attention so much of the time.  I go through the motions of my life and feel like I am moving forward and accomplishing stuff.  And I am.  Without much of a thought as to just how clearly connected I am.  I feel as though I’m not alone in merely going through the motions thing called life.  Of course, this leads to missed opportunities. missed opportunities.  Yet, I refuse to beat myself up and instead choose to grow, learn, and accept.  I accept my truth that I am so plugged in, and it’s a huge blessing.

I am surrounded by reminders of the connections…thinking about you and then I see your text message.; missing my mom and noticing that white butterfly hovering by my garden; picking up my phone for no reason, setting it down, and having it buzz right then; walking through a parking lot and thinking about the perfect cup of coffee when I am literally asked to be treated to one with an unexpected invitation.  So unexpected, and yet so very, very perfectly telling.  Telling me, I am so plugged in.

My brain feeds me with a rapid fire barrage of ideas.  My brain feeds me with thoughts, concepts, and the perfect starting point for all things in my life; money, relationships, and my hot body.  I know that I know it’s my connection to source.  I know that these thoughts that come at me with such commitment are from the superconscious realm.  There is evidence in just about every day of my life that I am so plugged in.  I am reminded when you tell me how you were just thinking about “that”, whatever the “that” is.  EVIDENCE.

All I have is now.  Now is my starting point.  How cool is that!

I made a commitment recently to pay attention and, here it is folks…FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!  Yes, follow the instructions that I am given through those inspirations, intuitions, and funny feelings I get at times.  I get them while I’m washing the dishes sometimes, or taking a shower.  They show up in a serious way when I’m meditating or doing screen of the mind.  How they come to me isn’t the important part, except for noticing patterns maybe.

The important part is following the instructions.  Frankly, sometimes I get in my own way.  Thank goodness, I have gotten better about tapping into Rob’s voice from up at the Ranch; “stop thinking, stop thinking.”  Yes, I am committed to not thinking and simply following the instructions that life gives me.  Now, don’t get me wrong, at times I wonder why….. Like “this is just stupid…why do I have to go to the store for bananas?  I don’t even like bananas.  Why am I being told to paint, or to put my hands in dirt, or any of it?!?!?!”  It doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t matter.  My sense is my brain, my logic, my cognitive rational capacity.  These are jewels given to me.  Ahh, hello, this is not from realistic thinking, it’s the plugged in part of our experience. So, I choose to follow my instructions because I am plugged in.  How about you?

Much love

Write Your Name…One Woman’s Thoughts

Voices in my head. The voices in my head were having full blown conversations, and all the while I was sitting there looking busy, doing the task at hand. I’m talking about the “write your name” exercise at the Basic Seminar. Remember, “write your name as many times as you can”? Nice and simple, huh?! But the voices in my head were firing off. Crazy? I don’t think so. I think those voices are our connection to source. Pure. Direct. And only if we just cooperate and get out of our own way does the magic start to happen! Only if I get out of my own way!

With the simple request to write my name as many times as I could, the voices in my head started feeding me all kinds of information. Of course, it’s just storytelling. And for me, there in lies the lesson from this exercise: I am feeding myself these stories. All the while I am thinking, “he’s talking awfully loudly and I bet it’s distracting some of these people”. Ha! Mind you, that was a conversation I was having in my own head that was distracting me from my assignment, even though, it actually was me doing the assignment perfectly. How ironic! Read more