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First Day/Last Day

There was a lot of hubbub around December 21, 2012 and the end of the world. I don’t think that it was altogether a bad thing. In fact, it reminded me of the First Day/Last Day concept at the Basic Seminar, which I first took way back in 2005. Regardless of whether you thought that the end of time was happening that day, you didn’t think much of it and maybe found it a bit irritating, or you are of the mindset that it represented a spiritual shift, the hype probably got you thinking.

It got me to thinking. It got me to talking too. I talked to several people including family, friends, and my coaching clients about this whole “it’s the end” idea. I was thinking about how I feel about who I am, what I choose to create each day, and what my intention is moving forward: “First Day/Last Day” from the Basic Seminar. It was a great time for me to do a self evaluation to find my “point A” and establish my “point B”; the same kind of evaluation I do every day in my work for my clients, I got to do for me. Read more

Navigating the Matrix

From my experience, the Behavior Matrix exercise in the PSI Basic Seminar was worth the price of admission. While its value runs deep, the beauty of it is its simplicity. Like all of the tools PSI Seminars provides in the Basic, you have to use it to really reap the benefits. This four-part structure has supported me in both understanding myself better and understanding others better so that I can communicate more effectively. 

Becoming familiar with four qualities – dominant, flow with, formal, informal – that make up the four behavior styles has helped me realize that a behavior style is just that – a way of showing up in the world and doing things. It is not who I am, rather it’s how I operate. I have found it is also very important to remember that it’s not who other people are either. This one realization eliminated so much judgement from my life. Best of all, the Behavior Matrix is set up so that once I left the Basic, I was able to easily apply it in my life, and instead of identifying myself as a certain behavior style, found out that I can use any one of them whenever I need. Who woulda’ thunk it?

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