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Write Your Name…One Woman’s Thoughts

Voices in my head. The voices in my head were having full blown conversations, and all the while I was sitting there looking busy, doing the task at hand. I’m talking about the “write your name” exercise at the Basic Seminar. Remember, “write your name as many times as you can”? Nice and simple, huh?! But the voices in my head were firing off. Crazy? I don’t think so. I think those voices are our connection to source. Pure. Direct. And only if we just cooperate and get out of our own way does the magic start to happen! Only if I get out of my own way!

With the simple request to write my name as many times as I could, the voices in my head started feeding me all kinds of information. Of course, it’s just storytelling. And for me, there in lies the lesson from this exercise: I am feeding myself these stories. All the while I am thinking, “he’s talking awfully loudly and I bet it’s distracting some of these people”. Ha! Mind you, that was a conversation I was having in my own head that was distracting me from my assignment, even though, it actually was me doing the assignment perfectly. How ironic! Read more

Screening My Way to Success

Of all the tools and techniques I’ve learned from PSI Seminars, Screen of the Mind has got to be my favorite. I’ve used this simple meditation to manifest everything from new living room furniture to a more fit physique to playing a sold-out show at the world-famous Whisky A Go-Go. Most recently, I used Screen of the Mind to land the career of my dreams and create a life of liberty and abundance.

Last year, my amazingly brave 9-year old brother was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that rapidly destroyed his leg. Living in California, 3,000 miles away from my family in New York, proved to be very challenging at that time. I decided to take six weeks off from work and go home to support my family. The experience was life-changing, and in ways one might not expect.

I returned to California certain of one thing: it was time for a change. I would have stayed longer in New York, except I had to get back to work; I had to pay the bills. I realized that I was a prisoner of my own making. I had structured my life with very limited liberty, and after seeing my baby brother’s life threatened, it became clear to me that there simply is no time to waste. If I was going to live a worthwhile life for however long I might be blessed with one, I had to do it NOW. Read more

Embracing Failure

Throughout my life I have always known the power of positive thinking and was lucky enough to grow up with the concept “To Think Is To Create.” As a PSI Seminars Basic for Kids grad, these principles have been in my subconscious mind for quite some time now. However, what I didn’t get until just recently was the power of commitment to these positive thoughts, especially when I’m scared and feel like quitting.

Just a few years ago I made a serious conscious decision that I was going to be an extremely successful singer, performing around the world in front of millions. My dream is well on its way, but not without my commitment tested numerous times already, and I feel like I’m only now getting started.

My big revelation in regards to commitment is that I WILL FAIL! Easier said than done. Read more

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pole

It’s interesting to think about how I used to show up prior to my entry into personal development and the PSI Seminars Basic back in December of 2002! It’s actually unfathomable for me to contemplate my life without the important concepts that support my daily living with ease and grace now. Once I had a taste of what was possible from the Basic Seminar, there was no turning back for me. In 9 months I had played PLD, attended PSI 7, the Life Success Course, gone to WLS, the Women’s Leadership Seminar, twice (two months in a row due to my daughter’s car accident), and I was at the PSI’s 30th Anniversary Principia event and wanting MORE! The classes were to become the basis of the new “ME”. Jodi at her best – imagine that!

That brings me to today, thinking about what commitment looks like for me since that time. As a longtime Realtor and healing facilitator in Las Vegas, I have put my priorities in order to live a healthy and successful life of service. My desire to serve others in real estate has covered the span of 29 years, this being my last full time year on this 30 year adventure! I have also shared the ancient art of healing with Reiki since 1996 and am now preparing for my work with my mentors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and Caroline Myss, helping people heal en masse for the 2nd half of my life experience. Read more

Huntington Hartford

On May 20, 2008, a man named Huntington Hartford died. His death made page one of that day’s Wall Street

“Died: Huntington Hartford, 97, A&P supermarket heir who depleted a fortune chasing his dreams, in the Bahamas.”

The New York Times said:

“Huntington Hartford, who inherited a fortune from the A. & P. grocery business and lost most of it chasing his dreams as an entrepreneur, arts patron and man of leisure, died Monday at his home in Lyford Cay in the Bahamas. He was 97.”

“Depleted” a fortune… “lost” most of it… “chasing” his dreams. The Times said, “He inherited an estimated $90 million and lost an estimated $80 million of it.” Doing the math… he wasn’t exactly destitute, with $10 million left.

Certainly Mr. Hartford was lucky to have had enough money to do as he wished. Was he a failure, though, as
“depleted,” “lost,” and “chasing” suggest? Why didn’t the Journal and the Times congratulate him posthumously for “spending” his fortune “living” his dreams?

Would Huntington Hartford’s life have been better if he had not “lost” so much money? If so, why is it bad to “lose” money?

Is it “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”?

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Or is it better to give up and do something else?

How would you recommend that your friends and loved ones live their lives? Do you use the same recommendation for your life?