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To Think is to Create

I have been fascinated by this PSI Seminars Basic principle ever since my Basic seminar in June of 2002. At first I doubted
 it. Then I feared it and resisted the responsibility it offered me. Finally I decided to test it. Discounting
 the results I got for a while, I wasted time refusing to accept it could be true. And then – breakthrough 
and acceptance began a life of enjoying and having fun with this principle as well as teaching others.

The fact that what we choose to think is what we create awes me, challenges me, drives me, and
 gets me excited each morning. I am still stretched by and grateful for this principle on a daily basis and
 know I have not yet plumbed the depths of what it truly means to believe fully that To Think
 is To Create. It is my prayer that not only I, but that we become more and more aware and willing each moment to create
 good wherever we go.

Here is an experience that still thrills me and brings me gratitude to this day. May it inspire you to a
 shorter learning curve than I have had! Read more

Asking the Right Questions

One of the concepts I learned from PSI Seminars is to accept others as they are. Before I took the classes offered by PSI Seminars, I really struggled internally with how I saw the world around me and how to effectively interact with people who operated differently than I did.

I am self employed and work closely with my clients. Like most professionals with running a service based business, I am regularly confronted with situations that require my understanding and acceptance. In the past when things didn’t instantly go my way, I would quickly go into anger, frustration, and self pity. I was being victim to my own clients. By taking that approach, I made the decisions of others all about me – what I expected to happen and how I wanted things to look. Read more

The Benefits of a Balanced Life

For most individuals, a balanced life is a happy life, and ultimately, happiness is what we all strive for. However, with the many stresses of the modern world, it can be difficult to assess what is necessary to achieve such balance. Listed below are several ways which every individual can work towards a more balanced and well-adjusted existence. Read more

4 Tips for Improved Life Learning

While many of us are familiar with the tried-and-true methods of effective academic learning, most know little about how to apply new concepts and strategies to everyday life. Luckily, with increased awareness and the right strategy, lessons learned can improve your way of life, resulting in a more healthy and happy existence. The following tips represent just a few ways you can improve your learning on an everyday basis. Read more