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Healing Wounds with Words

PSI Seminars graduate, Heather Parker, channels her thoughts, feelings, and experiences into poetry, creating not only a healthy mode of self expression, yet also carving out a space that invites others to do the same. Heather’s passion for expression and connection is evident in the honesty and vulnerability of her poems.
In the poem below, Heather shares a powerful account of coming face-to-face with addiction and witnessing the devastation it has caused.
The energy shifted
immediate tension
filled the room
walking zombie
disconnected energy
Don’t I know you?
I mean
you look familiar
this chaos surrounding you
envelopes you Read more

…With a Little Help from My Friends

Nearly ten years ago, my life changed over lunch. My friend, Atim, and I lived on opposite sides of the country, and every couple months I would fly to Los Angeles to see her, or she would fly to New York to see me. After several visits, we got the idea to meet in the middle and scheduled a trip to New Orleans.

It was over lunch at the French Quarter’s famous Arnaud’s that I noticed something was different about Atim. She had left her boring yet reliable accounting job and was pursuing a career in photography; she upgraded her wheels from an old Volvo that broke down every other week to a brand new Honda SUV; and most strikingly, she declared that was no longer looking for a boyfriend. No, she was attracting her husband.

I was excited for her! She had a vibrancy I had never witnessed and a clarity about what she wanted that I envied. After being regaled with the tales of how her life was rapidly achieving new levels of fabulous, I had to ask: what changed? Read more

Getting Lost

In the summer of 2009 I realized that LOST was filmed in Hawaii. I was living there because my post-Basic Seminar life had taken a huge turn down Your Plans Mean Nothing Avenue. Not to say that my intention wasn’t playing out, just that it rarely looked how I thought it would.

There was one moment that did look almost exactly as I imagined it.

A job performing live infomercials had brought me to Hawaii where I was living in the center of Waikiki in a corporate condo. Work was down at Ala Moana Sears, and most days I would walk the Ala Wai canal along the boundary of Waikiki.

When I’d walk down the Ala Wai canal I usually looked for jellyfish. They would come by in giant schools. They are pretty magnificent. When I didn’t see them I would think of my favorite TV show, LOST. As I mentioned, I had just discovered that LOST was filmed there. I would walk along, taking PSI Seminars’ Screen of the Mind one step further. I actually would play LOST like I used to play He-Man or Star Wars. I was “on the set” and the coolest part about it was that I could be hip to it being real. Read more

You are So Plugged In

We are all so plugged in.  It’s with me in my every day.  Constant reminders of just how connected I am.  It’s the two island analogy. It’s the small circle, bigger circle, half circle. We are connected to source, to each other.  WE ARE ONE.

I am fascinated by how for so many years in my life – and I’ve been around for a minute – I still don’t even pay attention so much of the time.  I go through the motions of my life and feel like I am moving forward and accomplishing stuff.  And I am.  Without much of a thought as to just how clearly connected I am.  I feel as though I’m not alone in merely going through the motions thing called life.  Of course, this leads to missed opportunities. missed opportunities.  Yet, I refuse to beat myself up and instead choose to grow, learn, and accept.  I accept my truth that I am so plugged in, and it’s a huge blessing.

I am surrounded by reminders of the connections…thinking about you and then I see your text message.; missing my mom and noticing that white butterfly hovering by my garden; picking up my phone for no reason, setting it down, and having it buzz right then; walking through a parking lot and thinking about the perfect cup of coffee when I am literally asked to be treated to one with an unexpected invitation.  So unexpected, and yet so very, very perfectly telling.  Telling me, I am so plugged in.

My brain feeds me with a rapid fire barrage of ideas.  My brain feeds me with thoughts, concepts, and the perfect starting point for all things in my life; money, relationships, and my hot body.  I know that I know it’s my connection to source.  I know that these thoughts that come at me with such commitment are from the superconscious realm.  There is evidence in just about every day of my life that I am so plugged in.  I am reminded when you tell me how you were just thinking about “that”, whatever the “that” is.  EVIDENCE.

All I have is now.  Now is my starting point.  How cool is that!

I made a commitment recently to pay attention and, here it is folks…FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!  Yes, follow the instructions that I am given through those inspirations, intuitions, and funny feelings I get at times.  I get them while I’m washing the dishes sometimes, or taking a shower.  They show up in a serious way when I’m meditating or doing screen of the mind.  How they come to me isn’t the important part, except for noticing patterns maybe.

The important part is following the instructions.  Frankly, sometimes I get in my own way.  Thank goodness, I have gotten better about tapping into Rob’s voice from up at the Ranch; “stop thinking, stop thinking.”  Yes, I am committed to not thinking and simply following the instructions that life gives me.  Now, don’t get me wrong, at times I wonder why….. Like “this is just stupid…why do I have to go to the store for bananas?  I don’t even like bananas.  Why am I being told to paint, or to put my hands in dirt, or any of it?!?!?!”  It doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t matter.  My sense is my brain, my logic, my cognitive rational capacity.  These are jewels given to me.  Ahh, hello, this is not from realistic thinking, it’s the plugged in part of our experience. So, I choose to follow my instructions because I am plugged in.  How about you?

Much love

Loving Myself

I am extremely grateful to have found PSI Seminars.  I was at a very low point in my life when my father said to me, “I took this seminar this past weekend and I would really love for you to come to my graduation.”  Little did I know that this was the beginning to an incredible adventure.  All I can remember from the Graduation/Presentation was that it got me thinking…what more could I have in life, what did I want for myself, and why didn’t I already have it?

I was interested and curious enough to enroll on the spot.  My Basic Seminar was about a week later  in Orange County in August 2009.  I loved my experience and I was hungry for more!  Less than two weeks later I was up at High Valley Ranch for PSI 7, The Life Success Course.

The most important value I learned during that amazing month of August was to love myself.  It may sound silly, however I did not truly love myself before the Basic.  I appeared solid on the outside, yet inside I was torn to pieces.  I was lying to myself everyday thinking that I was happy with my life and choices I had made.  I was self-conscious about everything.  Whenever I would walk into a room, the only thing I could think about was what everyone else was thinking about me.  This crazy negative self-talk clouded my mind on a daily basis.  After PSI 7, the old me was no more.  I decided to live my life not worrying about others judgement, opinions, or beliefs.  I don’t recall where I heard this, yet it has stuck with me ever since; “What someone else thinks of me is none of my business.”  This is what I say to myself and all the negativity simply drifts away.  If ever I start to doubt my greatness I can hear those little voices that once were so familiar and now sound so foreign.  I speak louder than those voices with a greater belief in myself, I simply say an affirmation or proudly state my PLD (Pacesetter’s Leadership Dynamics) contract!  One of my favorite things to do is to look in the mirror and tell myself, “I love you.”

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