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Mirror, Mirror

In early 2008, a friend of mine named Noah invited me to a presentation for a class called the PSI Basic Seminar. I didn’t know anything about the class; although I knew my friend Noah was into personal and professional development and I trusted him. He was several years younger than me, yet radiated an indescribable characteristic that I admired. So I attended the presentation.

The cynic in me had many doubts and criticisms at the presentation. Yet, there were areas in my life that I wanted to improve. I wasn’t really living the life I wanted to live. I was going through the motions of life, having some success without truly feeling inspired by anything. I had always wanted to be a writer, talking about writing a book over the past decade without ever taking any steps toward my dream. That’s all I thought it was: a dream. People from Cleveland, Ohio don’t become successful writers. Do they?

Torn between doubt that the class wouldn’t offer anything of value and desire to live the life I wanted, I enrolled into the Basic. Five years later, I happily admit that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was a life-altering, benchmark, “what rock had I been living under” kind of weekend. Simply put, it was all about mirrors. Read more

The Briefcase

I took a cab in New York City. I asked the driver, “How’s your day going?” He responded, with some aggravation, that he was still looking for his briefcase. I asked him about it. Here’s the story he told me.

“I heard about a cab driver in New York whose fare left a briefcase in the car. The driver opened the briefcase and found half a million dollars in cash in it. That’s the briefcase I’m looking for. I want my briefcase.”

He didn’t know the other cab driver. He believed it was quite possible that someone would leave such a sum behind and not look for it afterward. He was adamant that there was another fully stocked briefcase out there, ready to show up in his cab, and he wanted it. Read more

To Think is to Create

I have been fascinated by this PSI Seminars Basic principle ever since my Basic seminar in June of 2002. At first I doubted
 it. Then I feared it and resisted the responsibility it offered me. Finally I decided to test it. Discounting
 the results I got for a while, I wasted time refusing to accept it could be true. And then – breakthrough 
and acceptance began a life of enjoying and having fun with this principle as well as teaching others.

The fact that what we choose to think is what we create awes me, challenges me, drives me, and
 gets me excited each morning. I am still stretched by and grateful for this principle on a daily basis and
 know I have not yet plumbed the depths of what it truly means to believe fully that To Think
 is To Create. It is my prayer that not only I, but that we become more and more aware and willing each moment to create
 good wherever we go.

Here is an experience that still thrills me and brings me gratitude to this day. May it inspire you to a
 shorter learning curve than I have had! Read more

Asking the Right Questions

One of the concepts I learned from PSI Seminars is to accept others as they are. Before I took the classes offered by PSI Seminars, I really struggled internally with how I saw the world around me and how to effectively interact with people who operated differently than I did.

I am self employed and work closely with my clients. Like most professionals with running a service based business, I am regularly confronted with situations that require my understanding and acceptance. In the past when things didn’t instantly go my way, I would quickly go into anger, frustration, and self pity. I was being victim to my own clients. By taking that approach, I made the decisions of others all about me – what I expected to happen and how I wanted things to look. Read more

Navigating the Matrix

From my experience, the Behavior Matrix exercise in the PSI Basic Seminar was worth the price of admission. While its value runs deep, the beauty of it is its simplicity. Like all of the tools PSI Seminars provides in the Basic, you have to use it to really reap the benefits. This four-part structure has supported me in both understanding myself better and understanding others better so that I can communicate more effectively. 

Becoming familiar with four qualities – dominant, flow with, formal, informal – that make up the four behavior styles has helped me realize that a behavior style is just that – a way of showing up in the world and doing things. It is not who I am, rather it’s how I operate. I have found it is also very important to remember that it’s not who other people are either. This one realization eliminated so much judgement from my life. Best of all, the Behavior Matrix is set up so that once I left the Basic, I was able to easily apply it in my life, and instead of identifying myself as a certain behavior style, found out that I can use any one of them whenever I need. Who woulda’ thunk it?

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