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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pole

It’s interesting to think about how I used to show up prior to my entry into personal development and the PSI Seminars Basic back in December of 2002! It’s actually unfathomable for me to contemplate my life without the important concepts that support my daily living with ease and grace now. Once I had a taste of what was possible from the Basic Seminar, there was no turning back for me. In 9 months I had played PLD, attended PSI 7, the Life Success Course, gone to WLS, the Women’s Leadership Seminar, twice (two months in a row due to my daughter’s car accident), and I was at the PSI’s 30th Anniversary Principia event and wanting MORE! The classes were to become the basis of the new “ME”. Jodi at her best – imagine that!

That brings me to today, thinking about what commitment looks like for me since that time. As a longtime Realtor and healing facilitator in Las Vegas, I have put my priorities in order to live a healthy and successful life of service. My desire to serve others in real estate has covered the span of 29 years, this being my last full time year on this 30 year adventure! I have also shared the ancient art of healing with Reiki since 1996 and am now preparing for my work with my mentors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and Caroline Myss, helping people heal en masse for the 2nd half of my life experience.

When I staffed WLS in July of 2011, I chose to get clear on my mission and life purpose… and it has led me to my focused intention to work with Dr. Wayne Dyer onstage creating healing from the inside out, just as I have done for myself for the past couple of decades.

Dr. Wayne Dyer with PSI Seminars Grad, Jodi Friedman

Dr. Wayne Dyer and me

What tools do I use to Shift and Move these days? As I learned in the Basic Seminar, I use conscious thought to manifest everything I desire, or as we say in Basic, “Intention/Mechanism”. I love to use “BE, DO, HAVE” as the basis for my successful thinking! I put the “BE, DO, HAVE” formula into my Screen of the Mind and create powerful images for myself and my family, friends, and especially my clients! They don’t even know how often my formulas work on their behalf!

On a personal note, this past year I attracted an amazing man who I absolutely adore, and the feelings are mutual. Anyone who knows me well knows that what had been missing in my life was a caring, loving man that would cherish my heart and challenge my mind…and I am happy to say that we now live together in harmony and joy!!! That’s really big for me after many years of being alone.

Another wonderful aspect of Intention is that I have found the best real estate company. When I go out of town, I always come back to AT LEAST one home being sold for me while I was gone! It happens every time!!! I’ve made more money this year than any other, and I attribute much of my success to implementing what I learned through PSI Seminars.

Just so I’m crystal clear, it is my belief that it wasn’t for entrenching myself in the tools I learned from PSI, I wouldn’t have the level of success and focus I have in my life today. Of this I am sure.

Today I have the best friends I could ever want, and so many of them are PSI grads! As I mentioned earlier, a funny thing happened to me on the way to the pole…that was the day I met Ms. Dallas Gouldberg, the amazing unconditionally loving staff member that was there supporting the group at the pole exercise at PSI VII. I was scared to death, and I remember going up to her and asking for a hug because it was one of those life changing days when I let myself be totally vulnerable so I could grow. Ten years later, we are good friends. At this past Principia, not only did our friendship allow me to stay with her before and after Principia, but she and I had a blast strengthening our friendship and even hang gliding together!

My life is so much richer than had I missed out on the many opportunities that have presented themselves to me since my journey from the Basic to the other side of that pole.'

Jodi Friedman

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