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A Relationship with Time

A long time friend and I rekindled our relationship between California and New York. During the year the we were rebuilding our friendship, we had much in common. I’d say, “I heard that from Tony Robbins (or some other source), where did you?” And he’d answer, “PSI Seminars.” He told me about some seminar courses and that he staffed something called “MLS“, some sort of men’s class. I didn’t think much of it then.

And so it began. Almost a year later, I was in CA and he mentioned a mutual friend was going to “take the Basic”. I was intrigued & researched without asking him any questions. Before I knew it, I was scheduled to fly to San Diego to be in my Basic Seminar. I didn’t know what it meant then but this friend told me he was to be CHIEF of my Basic Seminar. PSI grads are likely to agree – there are no coincidences here.

There is one subject that has always stood out for me from the Basic Seminar. The facilitator mentioned, “my relationship with time” referring to how other people view me through my relationship with time and how other people FELT or viewed me when I was late.

You see, our relationship with time, whether or not we arrive early, on time, or late, affects how other people feel about us and whether or not we can be trusted or if we can keep our word. An easy suggested solution is to readjust an agreement. If I make an agreement to arrive at a particular time and then truly cannot be on time, adjust to a time that works with as much notice as possible and then be on time. As the child of a parent who was always late, I was taught repeatedly that tardiness, not only was acceptable, it was the norm. Except I truly had no idea what it had meant to others in relation to me until the Basic Seminar. That was in April of 2004.

The Basic Seminar is filled with many different exercises, all of value in some way or another. So much so, that immediately upon being given the opportunity to move forward to advanced classes, I did. I registered for PSI 7 and Women’s Leadership. Within 6 months, I had completed those two classes, played PLD (Pacesetter’s Leadership Dynamics, a 90 day goal game) cross-country from New York to San Diego, staffed two Basic Seminars, and attended Principia. I did not stop there in the Autumn of 2004.

I have since hosted 3 Basic Seminars in NY City, staffed the Basic a total of 8 times in San Diego, NY, and Boston. I worked for PSI Seminars when I lived in San Diego as the Advanced Seminars Manager. I have attended Acknowledgement Nights in 3 different cities as well as staffed PSI 7, WLS, Camp Choice, staffed Principia 5 times with intention to staff the 40th Year Anniversary of PSI Seminars in the Fall of 2013. Since February of 2006, I have hosted dinners in Little Italy in New York City almost every month to give PSI Grads a fun environment to share successes & struggles with friends.

Just because I do not live in an established PSI City, has never stopped me from embracing the work, the classes, the opportunity to volunteer staff or work my tail off to bring it to NY City or to support others who put efforts into building classes in cities that rarely or never offer the class. Why? The work works when I work it. It may sound trite, yet it is true.

“Truth will always be truth.” PSI Seminars is the oldest seminar company of its kind in its original form and delivers a series of eye opening truths, ideas, concepts, exercises and more, in various ways that support all people in creating the life of their dreams if they CHOOSE to apply them in life on a regular basis. In 40 years, this company has continued to share the vision of “World Peace One Mind At A Time” across the globe. If “it” didn’t work, I would not be here typing this message.

Thomas and Jane Willhite’s vision is something I have always been and continue to be passionate about. Who cannot get behind “World Peace One Mind At A Time?”

“To think is to create” is something even Quantum Physics has proven repeatedly. The note card that was stuck to my computer screen for years, “Live with Intention”… The truths are all around, they may just show up in different forms.

What does being a PSI Grad (Basic, PSI 7, WLS, Principia, PLD Team 6) mean to me? Aside from my two career selections & schooling, this is something that I am very proud of, have embraced, applied, and have lived consciously and daily for NINE years. Every step of my efforts has been from TRUE CHOICE.

Why? Because it works because I work it. I guard my thoughts, words and actions closely in that I believe they all have power: the power to create, inspire, love or destroy. I live my life on purpose and responsibly. This does not mean I have not had struggles… this means, I dust myself off when I fall and get back up to handle my responsibilities.

Is there always room for improvement? Absolutely! Have I made it through tough times? Absolutely! Do I live consciously with a true desire to create a more loving planet by inspiring others? Absolutely! Do today’s results equal tomorrow’s results? Absolutely not. Every thought creates a future of something so I do my best to choose wisely. “Results: often harsh, always fair.” Results are measurable…

I used to be hard on myself because I thought because I was a PSI Grad that I should have mastered something invisible yet powerful and that everything would just fall into place or that I wouldn’t struggle in any way. When I got over that silly idea, I truly began to master the life of my dreams, one baby step at a time and can see the proof in my results. These results are measurable yet only matter to me as I remember the thoughts/the seeds I planted, the actions/the seedlings as they grew and the results/full blooms.

PSI Seminars has more than 750,000 graduates because there is value in the classes, in the work, in the possibility that each human being can create the life they’ve always dreamed of. In addition, the life success courses include so much about contribution. How can you be the best you. Because the BEST you matters in the world: our world that is craving more love, leadership, light, care, passion, fun, inspiration, kindness, brilliance, contribution, peace, effort, and commitment.

Cindy A. Phillips: I am a Brilliant, Worthy, Inspirational World Leader Passionately Sharing my Divine Gifts & Ideas Positively with ALL of Humanity NOW!'

Cindy Phillips

Cindy Phillips is a dynamic leader whose contributions to the planet are multifaceted and extraordinary! She completed her Basic in San Diego in April 2004, PSI7 Team 397 in May 2004, WLS C82 June 04, San Diego PLD Team 6 in 2004, Principia 2004 & 2005 plus staffing & hosting NY Basics February 2006, June 2006, and May 2007.


You do inspire, probably more than you realize. Thank you Cindy for being you.'
Cindy Phillips

Awwww Sarah, thank you for taking the time to post a comment! :0)'
Deb Nasarro

I will be at Principia this year having started this work in 2012- it would be an honor to meet you ! I will seek you out!

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