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Courage to Grow

Inspiration, Clarity, Declaration, Faith, Action, and COURAGE TO GROW by Manifesting.

I say it all the time to my clients and it’s a very good thing too, because I remind myself of all this good stuff: thoughts are things, and you create your experience. It’s this thing called manifesting. I know it’s a kinda’ “woo woo” out there phrase, and yet “manifesting” is the word that describes so much of what Thomas Wilhite taught me.

For me, the courage to declare what I want and step into faith is when I manifest.  So, I have a little story that I hope you enjoy and perhaps  can use to gain some insight.

The context here, besides the obvious PSI, in all of its glory is me being aware of what works for me: being with a good man who loves and adores me, and getting out of my house. The other part is understanding that I know that I hold the context for my clients and because of that, I push myself…a lot. After all, how can I ask them to do what I would not be willing to do myself?!

Prior to a call with one of my clients, I declared out loud that I was going to manifest a new client within a week. I did this because I knew that she was wanting to do the same for herself. I didn’t have anyone in mind and declared to have a new client anyway. Uncomfortable growth. Intention/Mechanism from the Basic Seminar.

Three days later, on a beautiful and sunshiney day, I was with my guy and enjoying the morning when he said he wanted to go swimming. That sounded great except for the small detail that I don’t have a pool, and neither does he.  So, spur of the moment I said, “let’s go the The Four Seasons Hotel”. My thinking was that if I’m going to go pool hop, I might as well do it in a really beautiful place. The Four Seasons is friggin’ gorgeous and the pool area is a class act all the way. A perfect place for manifesting. (Even if I didn’t realize it at the time).

Off we went…

Walking into the Spa area I was, lets just say, a bit uncomfortable. Yep, a lot a bit uncomfortable. What on Earth did I think I was doing?!?!  This was just nuts. I had to sign in and I didn’t have a room number or anything. But it was lovely, and I wanted to be there. “There is huge money energy in a place like this”, I thought, “and I BELONG here”.

We walked in, said hello, got the appropriate instructions, and went inside and proceeded to put myself into my bathing suit and a nice fluffy white robe, you know the kind. That’s about when my “looking good” programs started to fly off the handle with great and utter abandon. On top of that, I’m thinking to myself that I have about a 5-10 minute window before someone figures out that I’m not supposed to be here and kicks me out, and hoping to myself that they do that in the more private ladies gym area, as opposed to the super public pool area. Anyway, no one showed up and I brazenly sauntered out to the pool to meet up with my beloved and hunky, delicious man. Oh yeah, there is one more thing: I am, lets just say, not skinny. And there is one more thing, I forgot to bring cash, and so did he…being in the moment I suppose.

The setting there is beautiful. There is a salt water pool, bright yellow cabanas, there are waterfalls, and a gorgeous giant pagoda. I picked a spot kinda towards the back area and waited for my man to come out. We settled in and started to absorb the glory of the day. I was really, really happy. This part is KEY, people. The feeling part is critical in terms of manifesting.

Everyone around the pool were “the beautiful people”.  You know, the hot, skinny, and youthful types, and they were all lounging around.  I, on the other hand, am not of that “type”.  I, on the other hand, didn’t want to lounge much. We choose to be playful, I like playful. It did seem so different from the rest of that beautiful crowd.  I didn’t care, “I BELONG here, and I much prefer being me, playful and all!” I said to myself.  My programs, of course, continued to fire off, as they tend to do. “I’m too fat; I’m being noticed, and not in a good way”, all of that nonsense.  The wonderful thing about me stepping into my power and having PSI and all of those tools is that I can notice those debilitating programs and move forward into my truth: I am good enough.  Ah, hello uncomfortable.

I am good enough. I am gorgeous. I am worthy. I am lovable. I am the creator of my life.

Looking around I noticed an attractive tiny blonde in an itsy bitsy bikini and she was kinda watching us.  Mind you, there were several attractive women there, but this one was observing us in a polite way, and still watching. I found out that her name is Leslie. She is in the entertainment business.

After telling the waiter in a very impromptu way, that I was on a fast and therefore I could only drink water with a bit of lemon, I walked away from the pool, sat down on a lounger by the pagoda, and waited for my (unbeknownst to me) unexpected gift.

Leslie walked up to me and asked politely if she could sit down in that area to smoke. Oddly enough, I said sure. I do not like smoke, so I’m not so sure why I said yes. Beautiful Miss Leslie sat down and we started to chat. Mind you, I had not thought of my declaration of the recent past, not even once until a few minutes later.

Me being me, we just started to chat, and off the conversation went.  Turns out, she was in the middle of some huge changes in her life. Very inquisitively, she asked about me and I just told her, in my Sarah way, sweet and direct, “I am a life coach supporting people getting the life they truly want”!  Her reply, “Oh really now! I am looking for a life coach”. Voilá…..Gift delivered.

Manifestation destination, delivered delightfully to me, perfectly fortuitous and unexpectedly! Yeah!!!

This is one my stories of manifestation. I am now working with this clever, spunky, and creative woman. Lucky us. Or was it luck at all? Perhaps it was my declaration, faith, and astonishingly easy action. I was inspired and got very clear. I announced what I was creating and stepped into my faith. And from my perspective, here is the best part; I took serendipitous action. There was not a plan, I did not contemplate, or give consideration to how I could possibly get a nice fat paycheck out of going to have fun in the sun with my sexy lover boy! Nonetheless, that is what happened.

I am courageous TOO!  Pretty simple stuff, just not always easy. This little outing reminded me that easy is possible and I much prefer EASY……

Much love'

Sarah Ross

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