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…With a Little Help from My Friends

Nearly ten years ago, my life changed over lunch. My friend, Atim, and I lived on opposite sides of the country, and every couple months I would fly to Los Angeles to see her, or she would fly to New York to see me. After several visits, we got the idea to meet in the middle and scheduled a trip to New Orleans.

It was over lunch at the French Quarter’s famous Arnaud’s that I noticed something was different about Atim. She had left her boring yet reliable accounting job and was pursuing a career in photography; she upgraded her wheels from an old Volvo that broke down every other week to a brand new Honda SUV; and most strikingly, she declared that was no longer looking for a boyfriend. No, she was attracting her husband.

I was excited for her! She had a vibrancy I had never witnessed and a clarity about what she wanted that I envied. After being regaled with the tales of how her life was rapidly achieving new levels of fabulous, I had to ask: what changed?

Atim told me about PSI Seminars and her experiences at the Basic Seminar and Life Success Course. I was fascinated. I had never heard of a class you could take to learn tools to make your life better. “Why aren’t they teaching this in college?” I wondered.

I wanted what she was having – and not just the crawfish étouffée. I soon found myself flying to Los Angeles once again. This time, to take the Basic Seminar.

All these years later, I sometimes ponder what I would have to give back if I had never taken the Basic. I took the Basic because of the recommendation from my friend, and one of the many gifts I gained from the Basic was more friends. I’m talking about the kind of friends who hold me to a higher standard, who support me through challenging times, who motivate and inspire me to be my best, and who join me in making a positive difference in our world.

If I had never taken the Basic Seminar, I would have to give back my friends.

Through the classes and staffing experiences, I have met some incredible people. People who, like me, want something more, better, or different in their lives and are willing to do the work to attain it. To support each other in living the lives of our dreams, my friends and I have adopted many of the PSI philosophies and principles and put them into practice in fun and exciting ways. We take on group challenges ranging from practicing Screen of the Mind for 30 consecutive days to eliminating words that don’t serve us from our vocabulary to this week’s challenge, a sugar detox. We combine forces to support good causes such as Camp Choice and LA’s Annual Giving Day. Most importantly, we support each other in living from our own respective greatness.

There is no way I can sufficiently express my gratitude to Atim for sharing the Basic Seminar with me. More than classes, PSI provides community; a place to put the teachings into practice with people who support and challenge me in the greatest way. I look forward to many more years of my friends and I making our dreams come true, making the world an even more awesome place, and of course, bringing new friends along for the ride of a lifetime.'

Liz Granite

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