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Mirror, Mirror

In early 2008, a friend of mine named Noah invited me to a presentation for a class called the PSI Basic Seminar. I didn’t know anything about the class; although I knew my friend Noah was into personal and professional development and I trusted him. He was several years younger than me, yet radiated an indescribable characteristic that I admired. So I attended the presentation.

The cynic in me had many doubts and criticisms at the presentation. Yet, there were areas in my life that I wanted to improve. I wasn’t really living the life I wanted to live. I was going through the motions of life, having some success without truly feeling inspired by anything. I had always wanted to be a writer, talking about writing a book over the past decade without ever taking any steps toward my dream. That’s all I thought it was: a dream. People from Cleveland, Ohio don’t become successful writers. Do they?

Torn between doubt that the class wouldn’t offer anything of value and desire to live the life I wanted, I enrolled into the Basic. Five years later, I happily admit that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was a life-altering, benchmark, “what rock had I been living under” kind of weekend. Simply put, it was all about mirrors.

Throughout the weekend, the facilitator discussed and asked questions about certain concepts while I looked into a (metaphorical) mirror. While looking into the mirror I asked myself, “Is this belief I hold so dear to my heart supporting me in living the life of my dreams, or is it preventing me from the living the life of my dreams?” Sometimes my beliefs supported me. Often times, they did not. Putting the PSI concepts into action through group, one-on-one, and individual exercises allowed me to see that even though I knew many of these concepts on an intellectual level, I wasn’t living them.

The weekend was a wonderful opportunity for me to have a real honest conversation with myself. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s preventing me from having it all?” The answer inevitably was, “Me!” Not in a self-judgment kind of beat one’s self up mode, but in an introspective way. I just simply asked myself what was working in my life and what wasn’t. And how do I change what’s not working?

The facilitator wasn’t pointing to religion, gurus or anything like that for answers; rather, the theme of the course was about looking inside oneself, trusting one’s intuition and awakening that love we’ve all had for ourselves at one point in our lives.

By the end of the weekend, I had a new outlook on life. On the last day of the class, I stood up before everyone and announced that I was going to write my book and become a bestselling author. I had said that before, probably many times over the past decade. This time, it felt different. It was as if I knew something about myself that I hadn’t previously believed.

If it sounds too good to be true, take a risk and find out. Over the last five years, I’ve jumped into my life like never before. In 2009, I was offered the opportunity to co-author a book with Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara De Angelis and Brendon Burchard, called How Did You Do That!. On Thanksgiving Day that year, it became a Number One Bestseller.

Less than a year later, my first visionary fiction novel, Wake Up! The Enlightenment of an American Misfit and Outlaw was released. After that, I started a publishing company called Uncovery Press, married an amazing woman, and am currently filming “The Bridge with Paul E. Hendricks”, a show based on storytelling, while working on my next book.

All of this seemed impossible five years ago. But I took a risk. I asked myself, “What if?” Now it’s your turn. Are you willing to spend a weekend looking into a mirror and being honest with yourself? Are you ready to let your soul sing?

I, along with the rest of the world, want and need to hear you sing!


Paul E. Hendricks is a bestselling author and award-winning transformational speaker. In workshops and speaking engagements, he shares his own story of the outlaw’s life of drug abuse and violence and the spiritual quest
that saved him.

You can get your copy of Paul’s book, Wake Up! The Enlightenment of an American Misfit and Outlaw, here.'

Paul E. Hendricks

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