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Getting Lost

In the summer of 2009 I realized that LOST was filmed in Hawaii. I was living there because my post-Basic Seminar life had taken a huge turn down Your Plans Mean Nothing Avenue. Not to say that my intention wasn’t playing out, just that it rarely looked how I thought it would.

There was one moment that did look almost exactly as I imagined it.

A job performing live infomercials had brought me to Hawaii where I was living in the center of Waikiki in a corporate condo. Work was down at Ala Moana Sears, and most days I would walk the Ala Wai canal along the boundary of Waikiki.

When I’d walk down the Ala Wai canal I usually looked for jellyfish. They would come by in giant schools. They are pretty magnificent. When I didn’t see them I would think of my favorite TV show, LOST. As I mentioned, I had just discovered that LOST was filmed there. I would walk along, taking PSI Seminars’ Screen of the Mind one step further. I actually would play LOST like I used to play He-Man or Star Wars. I was “on the set” and the coolest part about it was that I could be hip to it being real.

Now, that was pretty close to delusion. In fact dreams literally are…until they manifest. However, to the psyche, it is real. Very very real. I would laugh so loud while playing because I had so much fun using this tool. Knowing that my personal experience of talking to Evangeline Lilly or Jorge Garcia, there, on the Ala Wai canal, was really on the set of LOST in my mind. I knew it was real, that it was happening in my imagined space, which Einstein said was more important than knowledge.

I was also playing with a relationship goal at that time, so I was on a dating site and a guy asked me out. I decided to take a chance and go out with him. We were having conversation over sushi and he says, “Hey I just designed an outfit for a new character in this show, LOST. I am the costume designer. You look like the character in my head, so would you be willing to go to the set tomorrow and try it on to have photos taken?”

I didn’t have to perform any of the duties we hear rumor of stars performing to climb the social ladder. I just showed up to the set and to thank me, they gave me a part in the show.

We shot for a few days at the Honolulu international airport. On the first day I got to work with and speak to Evey, as she was affectionately called on set. The casting director explained to me that I had been featured at the airport, and therefore I would no longer be working on the show. I held that I would.

I was called a week later and asked if I would be willing to play a role for the majority of the season. It seems the costume designer was perturbed that I was not seen in his costume. I had to be willing to accept union wages and become a union actor. I even got a bonus for having a beard. (I had recently turned down a six figure job because they asked me to shave.)

Well the best part is yet to come, but I have to preface it. Being a man who doesn’t really discriminate on gender, I had a huge crush on Matthew Fox when he was in Party of Five. That show was on when I was 14 years old so you can surely imagine how much he has been on the screen of my mind…if ya’ know what I mean.

Well, it just doesn’t happen. It is unheard of, really. Continuity is very important to a show; meaning you don’t want to break the illusion by having someone play more than one role or by cutting to an empty glass then a glass half full, etc. They pay people big bucks to make sure your hair is falling exactly the same way during every take. It did happen though. I was called to play another role because an actor slightly resembling me was not answering his call. They put me in his costume and when the director shouted “Action!”, I found myself wrestling with Matthew Fox (Dr. Jack) in a Mysterious Island Temple. Then, Naveen Andrews rose from the dead and I acted quite surprised.

I didn’t look anything like I thought I looked when I saw it. I wouldn’t hire me. I would now, post-Men’s Leadership Seminar, not based on that performance though. I look like I want to make out with Dr. Jack, not fight him.

Anyway, use the Screen of the Mind, and get really involved. Like Jesus said “we enter the kingdom as little children.” I’ve used this tool over and over again to startling results. It takes motion too, don’t get me wrong. I had to take a leap of faith in every instance to lead me to these results, but whenever I do leap, I find myself inside a vision I have had or someplace better. Then once in a while I wind up homeless again, but even that turns out to be advantageous…and that’s another story.

Have fun…It’s all a game. Whose rules are you following? Use your imagination and picture life better than you’ve previously imagined. Get a bigger picture and share it!  The vision better be mighty spectacular to be worthy of YOU!'

Hunter Wade

Hunter Wade is a new kind of artist for a new kind of world. He is the founder of a new media network concept which empowers the audience through creative interaction. He has become an instrumental leader guiding the direction of media in the 21st century. He is the voice of a new generation with a new way of thinking that he calls, “The Integral Age,” and many call the “Cultural Creative.” Hunter studied Music Therapy and Sound Engineering while working in experiential education for most of his adult life. As a motivational speaker, he toured the NEW THOUGHT circuit. As an actor, he was featured on ABC Television’s hit “LOST” along with several other TV appearances. He has also performed in musical theater in the role of “Judas” in Jesus Christ Superstar, among others. Hunter Wade, the singer/songwriter, has released three independent albums and is currently getting ready to release another full-length CD. Hunter, the musician, motivational speaker, writer, and actor has a keen sense of his purpose. He is on a mission to inspire the world, allowing others to reach their own higher potential. Throughout his youth he toured churches in the Midwest, performed in community theatre, and practiced country and rock with a new cultural phenomenon called Karaoke. Hunter is an eager student of philosophy and science with incessant inquiries into the why behind things. This very attitude is what makes his music such a powerful instrument for social awareness today! Hunter’s PSI experience began with the Basic in Seattle 2008. He attended The Life Success Course in July of 2011 and MLS the following November, with PLD following shortly thereafter. Hunter is excited attend his second Principia this year as PSI Seminars celebrates their 40th Anniversary! Hunter Wade’s gregarious personality and deep sense of purpose are just two of his incredible talents that make him an integral artist worth watching.

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