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You are So Plugged In

We are all so plugged in.  It’s with me in my every day.  Constant reminders of just how connected I am.  It’s the two island analogy. It’s the small circle, bigger circle, half circle. We are connected to source, to each other.  WE ARE ONE.

I am fascinated by how for so many years in my life – and I’ve been around for a minute – I still don’t even pay attention so much of the time.  I go through the motions of my life and feel like I am moving forward and accomplishing stuff.  And I am.  Without much of a thought as to just how clearly connected I am.  I feel as though I’m not alone in merely going through the motions thing called life.  Of course, this leads to missed opportunities. missed opportunities.  Yet, I refuse to beat myself up and instead choose to grow, learn, and accept.  I accept my truth that I am so plugged in, and it’s a huge blessing.

I am surrounded by reminders of the connections…thinking about you and then I see your text message.; missing my mom and noticing that white butterfly hovering by my garden; picking up my phone for no reason, setting it down, and having it buzz right then; walking through a parking lot and thinking about the perfect cup of coffee when I am literally asked to be treated to one with an unexpected invitation.  So unexpected, and yet so very, very perfectly telling.  Telling me, I am so plugged in.

My brain feeds me with a rapid fire barrage of ideas.  My brain feeds me with thoughts, concepts, and the perfect starting point for all things in my life; money, relationships, and my hot body.  I know that I know it’s my connection to source.  I know that these thoughts that come at me with such commitment are from the superconscious realm.  There is evidence in just about every day of my life that I am so plugged in.  I am reminded when you tell me how you were just thinking about “that”, whatever the “that” is.  EVIDENCE.

All I have is now.  Now is my starting point.  How cool is that!

I made a commitment recently to pay attention and, here it is folks…FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!  Yes, follow the instructions that I am given through those inspirations, intuitions, and funny feelings I get at times.  I get them while I’m washing the dishes sometimes, or taking a shower.  They show up in a serious way when I’m meditating or doing screen of the mind.  How they come to me isn’t the important part, except for noticing patterns maybe.

The important part is following the instructions.  Frankly, sometimes I get in my own way.  Thank goodness, I have gotten better about tapping into Rob’s voice from up at the Ranch; “stop thinking, stop thinking.”  Yes, I am committed to not thinking and simply following the instructions that life gives me.  Now, don’t get me wrong, at times I wonder why….. Like “this is just stupid…why do I have to go to the store for bananas?  I don’t even like bananas.  Why am I being told to paint, or to put my hands in dirt, or any of it?!?!?!”  It doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t matter.  My sense is my brain, my logic, my cognitive rational capacity.  These are jewels given to me.  Ahh, hello, this is not from realistic thinking, it’s the plugged in part of our experience. So, I choose to follow my instructions because I am plugged in.  How about you?

Much love'

Sarah Ross

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