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Write Your Name…One Woman’s Thoughts

Voices in my head. The voices in my head were having full blown conversations, and all the while I was sitting there looking busy, doing the task at hand. I’m talking about the “write your name” exercise at the Basic Seminar. Remember, “write your name as many times as you can”? Nice and simple, huh?! But the voices in my head were firing off. Crazy? I don’t think so. I think those voices are our connection to source. Pure. Direct. And only if we just cooperate and get out of our own way does the magic start to happen! Only if I get out of my own way!

With the simple request to write my name as many times as I could, the voices in my head started feeding me all kinds of information. Of course, it’s just storytelling. And for me, there in lies the lesson from this exercise: I am feeding myself these stories. All the while I am thinking, “he’s talking awfully loudly and I bet it’s distracting some of these people”. Ha! Mind you, that was a conversation I was having in my own head that was distracting me from my assignment, even though, it actually was me doing the assignment perfectly. How ironic!

The point is this; the voices in my head are a direct connection to all of my answers. The voices in my head are a huge blessing if I recognize that and spend energy on directing those voices to something that supports me, AAAAMMMAAAZZZINGGGG things happen. When I consciously hone in on asking the best questions life becomes my dream. What is my next step? What are my blessings? What is my lesson in this conflict? How can I be of service?

Wondering is great. Thinking can work. It’s just so very, very important to keep my wondering and my thinking and my pondering on what serves me. Like what I want, not what I don’t want. Being in the moment of writing my name and feeling happiness that I have such nice handwriting, or that modern design has made it so easy for me to put ink to paper. That may not seem like such a big deal and yet, I know that I know gratitude is the cornerstone of abundance. So, instead of thinking about Paul, my Basic facilitator’s, voice, if I was with my own inner voice, that would serve me in a glorious way, or at least in a nice way.

All these years later I am full of gratitude. I am so thankful to have had such a simple and lovely assignment of writing my name as many times as I could in the Basic Seminar. I am thankful because I learned a little bit about those voices in my head and just how tapped into my answers to life’s greatest questions, I truly am.

I’ve learned to spend a lot more time thinking in ways that have granted me ridiculously fabulous surprises and huge wins! I’ve been told by so many, “Sarah, you are so lucky!” I’ve had close friends feel a bit taken back by some of my so-called miracles and successes in my business. My truth is that it started for me with basic facilitator, Paul Skok, giving me that glorious instruction to write my name as many times as I could. I have grown as a woman and successful business person, and I have done that all the while being of service and loving my work! Yep, the voices in my head are wonderful and tapped into my answers, and yes, so are they for YOU!!!

Much love 🙂'

Sarah Ross

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