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Healing Wounds with Words

PSI Seminars graduate, Heather Parker, channels her thoughts, feelings, and experiences into poetry, creating not only a healthy mode of self expression, yet also carving out a space that invites others to do the same. Heather’s passion for expression and connection is evident in the honesty and vulnerability of her poems.
In the poem below, Heather shares a powerful account of coming face-to-face with addiction and witnessing the devastation it has caused.
The energy shifted
immediate tension
filled the room
walking zombie
disconnected energy
Don’t I know you?
I mean
you look familiar
this chaos surrounding you
envelopes you
my stomach hurts
wait a minute
that’s my soul aching
Don’t I know you?
I mean
you look familiar
the shell of you
someone I’ve known
my whole life
your face
your eyes
that shirt
but this chaos surrounding you
envelopes you
seeks to destroy you
you don’t care
you don’t want to hear me
leave you alone
you say
slamming the door in my face
tears run down my face
my stomach hurts
wait a minute
that’s my soul aching
Don’t I know you?
I mean
you look familiar
yet this addiction
this depression
robs me of knowing
with you
someone I love
taken captive
held hostage
I feel its effects on you.03/14/2013 hp

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Heather Parker

When I write all my pieces are signed hp (Heather Parker) not Hewlitt Packard. LOL One of my biggest influences is C.S. 5th grade teacher read "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" to us after recess and I drifted into the story. No one had to tell me that imagination is vital. I inherently knew. In my 8th grade year, my English teacher inspired me to write. I enjoyed the short stories and poems we read. I think it was then I was introduced to Shakespeare. Ah! Lest I forget Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss...Major influences in rhyme and story telling, conveying the heart or a moral. I am also influenced by the poetry in the bible... Solomon was a fair poet, visually stimulating passion through words. I started writing again 2 years ago and then had the great fortune of making a friend with a poet who is now my mentor. He has written lyrics for Earth Wind & Fire, Karen White and countless others, not to mention his own skills (He is a Word Smith & genius). I have been writing (daily or almost daily) through most of 2012. I started attending open mics in 2012 as well. Growing in my Spoken Word "performance" as well as the written word. I recently took on a name given to me by a dear friend: Funky Sunshine. PSI Course Work: Basic: October 2008 PSI 7: January 2009 WLS (C-103): May 2009 Principia: 2009, 2010, 2011 Front & Center: January 2011 LA PLD Team 30: March 2012

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