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I Like Your Island…Wink Wink

It’s the whole two island analogy in the Basic. So simple, yet maybe not so easy to remember all the time. I love how my coaching work reminds me of just how important this concept is. I am so fortunate in that regard. And what’s even better, I have amazing friends who remind me of this all the friggin time. It’s just a matter of whether or not I pay attention.

I’m in a Think and Grow Rich mastermind with the charming, charismatic, and powerful Miss Lizzy Granite. Hahahaha….like attracts like?! We have been part of masterminds before and amazingly enough, they work just as described in the Thomas Willhite’s manuscripts. Whoda thunk it?

As Lizzy and I review our Think and Grow Rich chapter of the week, I have noticed a pattern of sorts. Regardless of which one of us is speaking, every time, whatever I am talking about she has underlined, and whatever she is talking about, I have literally underlined in my book. Of all the text we could underline, we always seem to gain the most value from the same few lines. Talk about a connection. Yes, the two island concept live and in the flesh. There is a lot of material covered in this book, so it’s not just that there is so little information that we’d have to end up focusing on the very specific parts that we do end up focusing on.

Maybe this is all just because we know each other, or because we have done so much PSI work, or maybe not. Maybe it is because we are so connected. You see, I think that Lizzy is in my life because we are so connected. I think she is part of my life because we actually attracted each other. I know in my heart, we are One. And this is not unique to Lizzy and me. We all do it, the connection thing, the “we are one” thing; the universal, super-concious realm thing. YEAH, that’s it! What looks like two islands on the surface is actually ONE!

Through the connection and this wonderful tool of the mastermind, magic is happening. My daughter wants to be with me again. She wants to spend time with me and share her life with me again. We never had a huge falling out, she was just wanting to grow into her adult life and that translated into her separating from me. She is back now. I have wanted this more than anything, so much more than anything.

How does this happen? It happens through the connection and through the mastermind; the alignment of the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious minds. 1+1=3 as it’s known in the Basic. Lizzy holds a place for my success and all of my wins. I didn’t even have to tell her for her to know what my greatest wish was. She just knew. She is my mirror, and I am hers.

I am her mirror. I know her purpose and what she is here for. Without a plan and yet so perfectly executed, Liz sang a beautiful song to so many happy listeners. It was a totally impromptu performance demanded by students she had worked with. Why? We are One. I held that place for her. I visualized her performing, being full of risk and declaration. In fact, I was full of risk when I declared my vision to her just a few days before, and then it just happened. There she was, doing just exactly what I had visualized. From thought to reality in a few days time. That is the magic of the mastermind.

There are so many amazing tools taught in the PSI classes. All of these tools must get used in order to create the greatest return on the investment in personal growth. I am noticing similar patterns throughout my life; they’re all evidence of the benefits of using the tools. The truth is, it is to my benefit and yours as well. We are One.

Much Love…..'

Sarah Ross

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