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My Annuity

Shortly after moving to Maine, my daughter, then 19 chose that she would move from New York to Maine to come live with us before moving all the way to California. This was a huge change for her, and I was thrilled. I had worried constantly about her being so far away. The old rule about call me 24/7 was challenging to live up to, with so many miles between us. I knew that she was partying a lot in college, and at times I feared for her life. One of her friends from California suggested that she go to a PSI Seminar called “The Basic“. She trusted in her friend and did the class. When she arrived home to me in Maine several days later, my daughter was a totally different person. She was happy! She was focused and motivated. I noticed that she had changed. I remember saying to her “Hey I want one of those happy pills, what’s the deal?” She promptly called the LA PSI office and helped me sign up for the next Basic Seminar.

I was so excited to see what this was all about. As usual, I told my older sister all about it. She responded by telling me that it was just another seminar for people who need help finding their path. I remember her questioning how much money it cost. Annoyed, told she me not to sign up for any more classes. Her parting words were “Be careful and don’t drink the Kool Aid!”

After the second day of the Basic, I could see the great value this work was creating in my life. I signed up for the next two classes, PSI 7 and Women’s Leadership. When my daughter came over to see how I was doing, I told her about signing up. I said “wouldn’t it be cool if we did this work together!” She had already signed up for PSI 7, so we arranged to go to the same class.

When my sister called and asked how the Basic was, I responded with only a few words, “I drank the Kool Aid!” She was so upset with me and asked me how much money I spent on the next two classes. I told her and she said “Oh Lauraine, you could have bought an annuity with that much money!” My response came quickly. I said, “I did! I bought an annuity in myself.”

I am privileged to say that my daughter is my best friend. We did all of the advanced classes together, including 7 Principias, and even staffing the last few. This work has brought not only us closer together, yet brought our family closer together.

An annuity, really? There is no amount of money that could be placed on the life lessons I have learned and continue to learn from PSI. The relationships that I have built and the closeness that my daughter, Liz Granite, and I share. Priceless!

Through these challenging economic times, I have cashed out on most of my annuities. Although, PSI Seminars is an annuity in my life that continues to grow and yield rich returns beyond my wildest dreams.

With deep gratitude, thank you to all of the awesome people I have experienced along this journey of personal growth. I am blessed! My life is rich beyond belief.

Be well…'

Lauraine Piquette

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