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Why PSI Seminars?

Why choose PSI Seminars? What do they have to offer? First of all, PSI Seminars has a proven track record – 39 years long, in fact – of helping people unlock the power lurking within. That isn’t meant to sound ominous, or anything. It’s just that PSI Seminars will help you self-actualize your real, actual self. With its workshops and training programs, you will learn the skills required to excel in this new global economy, and the inter-personal relationships we all must face. Don’t be fooled by thinking this program is meant only for the deficient and the disturbed. On the contrary! PSI Seminars workshops are useful for anyone, from any walk of life, religion, or nationality. They simply highlight the natural abilities intrinsic to success in life.

PSI Seminars instructors take a decidedly hands-on approach. Shirking the distant and dispassionate methodologies of typical lecturers, they instead grab your attention from the start and never let up for the entire four-day program. Don’t expect any boring lectures or dull PowerPoint presentations at PSI Seminars. Prepare yourself to be engaged with the material. Prepare yourself for total immersion into a diverse, powerful learning environment in which you’ll be asked to challenge your own preconceived notions about your own identity and abilities. For the unprepared, the first day at PSI Seminars can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, though! You’ll quickly get past the initial shock and be well on your way to new avenues of thought and personal agency.

At PSI Seminars, you’ll be exposed to new ways of thinking. They’ll seem a bit foreign at first, but that’s just because PSI Seminars has an entirely innovative way of approaching life lessons – a way that’s never been replicated on such a large, comprehensive scale. The lesson won’t be lost once the program ends, either. Once you complete the Basic Seminar, you can graduate into the more advanced courses for even more learning and mastery. Even if you opt not to continue, your experience in the Basic Seminar will stay with you and inform the way you approach the world.'

PSI Seminars

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